Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pie- Rats in Space

 Dr Cameron Stelzer , author and illustrator of The Stroogle series of books, visited Grafton Public School students and engaged them in a series of workshops.
Kinder- Yr 2 were able to delve into Cameron's newest story
The Stroogle in space. Students were able to re-visit the many familiar characters they have come to know by reading about the Stroogle's adventures. The Illustrations kept the students intrigued and held additional challenges, including finding the letter and number on each page.
Students Yr 3- Yr 6 perticipated in an Imaginative Illustration workshop. This involves taking the head, body and tail from 3 differetn animals and creating your own imaginative creature. Additional challenges of placing human features into your creature and  naming it is included. Students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and meeting Cameron, who is energetic, enthusastic and encouraging. over these workshops, Cameron concluded by showing painting technics within an illustration that he concluded after the 2 days.

Click Cameron's picture below to see thw wonderful imaginative illustartions the students created!