Monday, October 18, 2010

Term 4

As the end on the school year is busy for all students, teachers and parents it is also busy for the workers in the library.
From week 8 onwards the library will be closed to borrowing by students. It is expected that all library books are returned by the end of week 7. To help students with this process, there will be limited borrowing of resources during week 6 and no borrowing of resources during week 7.
If your child is unable to return their library book, they need to speak tp the library staff. Sometimes we may find the book is already in the library! if the book is 'missing' the replacement cost of the book will be expected to be paid.
There are salways new books being placed in the library for students to use. Yr 2 are thoroughly enjoying borrowing the CD books. For the senior students, there are also CD books; Tomorrow, When the war began, The dead of night, Roald Dahl titles and more. These students are also enjoying the concept of listening and reading at the same time.